Year 2017

The year 2017 began – after the BSTU Minsk (Belarus) joined us – in the cooperation net consisting meanwhile of 7 universities! It was a particular year, a year of the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between the TH Mittelhessen and the University Zielona Góra, which 3 years later spread out into the European network CUCEE.

The anniversary, celebrated in Zielona Góra, was an opportunity for distinction of prof. Marius Klytta as the initiator of the above mentioned cooperation and of the later created CUCEE net. Prof. M.Klytta was honoured – as a first person in the history of this polish university – with the title of “Professor of Honour”. It was an special award for his particular achievements in the field of the internationalization of both universities.

The celebrations were connected with the traditional spring meeting of the CUCEE coordinators. The November meeting at the TH Mittelhessen was dedicated to common research projects, to the student- and staff-mobility in the next semester and to the plans for 2018. For the first time shared in it the coordinator from the BSTU Minsk, prof. Dzmitry Karpovich, as well as the new coordinators from the TU Vilnius, prof. Sarunas Paulikas and from the TU Tallinn, Ass. prof. Anton Rassölkin.

The German delegation hands a panoramic photo collage of the TH Mittelhessen buildings to the university authorities in Zielona Góra
The ceremonial session on the occasion of the 20th aniversary of the cooperation betwen the
TM Mittelhessen the University of Zielona Góra
(Zielona Góra, May 2017)
Prof. Marius Klutta becomes the first honorary professor at the University of Zielona Góra
(TM Mittelhessen)
The welcome meeting of the CUCEE delegations with the THM President before a working session
(Giesen, November 2017)
Excursion of the CUCEE delegations to Herborn / Lahn – DiU Country

(Giessen, November 2017)