Year 2020

The year 2020 began with the visits of the THM CUCEE coordinator at the University of Zielona Góra, at the TalTech (February 2020) as well as at the National Technical University in Lviv (March 2020).

The COVID pandemic had unfortunately negative impact on the further network activities. After only 4 students from Poland, Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania took part in Integrated Study Abroad in Giessen in the academic year 2019/20, in the next winter semester 2020/21 the program supervisors gave up any academic exchange.

As a consequence of this difficult situation the CUCEE annual meeting of the partner universities took place in November 2020 online.

Since 1 November 2020, Professor Klytta has been supported at the THM by Professor Rafael Greszczynski in the coordination of the CUCEE network. Professor Greszczynski teaches in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (WI) at the THM in Friedberg. His focus is on technical mechanics, design methodology and design systematics. Furthermore, he supervises the labs for CAD and the Virtual Reality Lab.

Professor Rafael Greszczynski